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Area of law that deals with matters including marriages, divorce, child custody, adaptation, and others are called family law of UAE and our divorce lawyers in dubai can handle all such matters. It involves all aspects of someone’s personal life. There are a lot of issues that occur in families. Most of the time , the head of the family tries to resolve. However, if there is any legal accountability on disputed parties, then the issue needs to be resolved through lawful procedures that call for a lawyer.

Our qualified and experienced associate family lawyers in Dubai assist UAE nationals and expatriates in family matters. They take care of the concerns of both husband and wife while dealing with marriages, divorce, legal separation, surrogacy, child custody, domestic partnership, etc. Our divorce lawyers in dubai keep the seriousness and sensitiveness of the matter into account and guide the client accordingly. They come forward as a legal advisor and a friend to control the damage. No one wants to involve the court in their zone however some serious situations make them get legal support when they are unable to resolve the issue on their own.

our selected lawyers are best family lawyers who assist family matters under the legal umbrella. Our chosen divorce lawyers in dubai provide services in all emirates of UAE. They help clients in getting legal acceptance of their marriage and child custody according to the family law of UAE. Whether you are a UAE national or an expatriate living in any emirate of UAE, our associate professionals are there to assist you as per the rules and regulations of the state.

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    Family Laws of UAE

    The United Arab Emirates has expanded its legislation over the past 30 years. The regulatory authorities include Federal rules and regulations which are followed in all emirates of UAE, civil laws, and Sharia law. Emirates’ laws are issued by the ruler of an emirate and confined to specified emirate The Personal Status Law applies to non-Emiratis who choose to carry out legal procedures in UAE rather than following the rules and regulations of their home country.

     Federal Law No. 28 of 2005 (Personal Status Law), Federal Law No. 11 of 1992 (Civil Procedure Code), Federal Law No. 5 of 1985 (Civil Transactions Code) are the major policies that govern family matters in UAE. The Civil and Sharia law of the UAE should also be considered when dealing with family-related issues. The Imam Malik School regulates Sharia law of UAE which is also considered as principal legal justification on family matters.

    Structure of Family

    A family starts with the union of two people who promise to be beside each other through thick and thin. The couple and their children share a personal relationship as they are bound by blood and share each other worries and cherish moments together. Families are divided into groups depending upon the number of people in the family and their affiliation

    Nuclear Family

    It is the most common type of family structure which is applicable to millions of families. In this type, the family is composed of parents and their offspring. In the nuclear family structure, the upbringing of children is done in a more stable way. Children living in a nuclear family structure also get better financial opportunities as both of their parents to support them.

    Single Parent Family

    As the name suggests, in this kind of family structure, there is only a single parent. Unlike the cultural norms of families in which two parents raise the child, in a single rent family, only one person takes care of the children. Most often there are single mothers but in some cases, single fathers also raise their kids alone. In this family structure, children usually suffer from financial and psychological issues as they are deprived of a complete family.

    Legal Consultancy

    Our chosen legal consultants are guiding people about their legal rights in Ajman and other areas of UAE. They will answer all your legal questions and will teach them what are your rights and duties while living in Ajman. You should get legal consultancy if you are uncertain about which step to take further in proceedings a legal matter. 

    Drafting Contracts

    Whether you want to buy or sell a house, be employed, or want to hire an employer or sign a contract in other areas of property and business, you can contact our associate lawyers for assistance. Businesses usually lend a hand from legal attorneys when their assets are at stake. Hiring lawyers in drafting and validating the contracts avoid both parties from making inappropriate claims.

    Extended Family

    In some countries, the culture and blood ties with various members of the family lead to an enlarged group of persons connected by blood. The extended family structure is composed of parents, children, grandparents, uncles, aunties, and cousins. These relatives include both from father and mother side. The members are assigned different duties to keep the environment peaceful and children are also raised with care. In extended families, financial and personal issues also occur. The illness of the growing age of one member of the family will increase other duties as they have to take care of the older members of their family as well

    Childless Family

    Family is always considered complete when the couple shares their life with their children. However, there are also many couples who do not have children, making them a childrenless family. Sometimes, they do not want children intentionally whereas some couples face health issues that deprive them of children. In a childless family, people opt to buy pets and spend time with the children of their friends and other relatives. They share their life with others’ children as a substitute that they do not have children

    Structure of Family

    We are proud to say that our chosen divorce lawyers in dubai simply the case and try amicable settlement before going to the court. They are experienced in dealing with all kinds of clients from different states, nationalities, and ethnicities. We have maintained a listing of best family lawyers in Dubai to provide clients with an easy solution to their legal problems. Under family law, our associates provide the following services:

    Marriage Service

    Marriage is a contract that binds both husband and wife with some rights and responsibilities. The legislation of the UAE is not the same for international and local citizens. So if you are planning to get married in UAE, our associate family lawyers will assist you in starting a new phase of our life by managing the legal process on your behalf.

    Child Custody

    In the UAE, mothers get child custody in case of separation and divorce whereas the father acts as the legal guardian. This process is not easy for expatriates as they are unfamiliar with the rules and regulations of the state. We assist clients through our associate lawyers who guide and support them in the child custody process.


    Our chosendivorce lawyers in dubai believe that family issues should be resolve through extrajudicial procedures. Families should avoid lengthy court battles as it elongates the disputes which results in damage. However, if you want to go to court, our registered lawyers will represent you in the family courts of UAE.

    Child Adoption

    According to Sharia law, adaptation is strictly prohibited as it is an illegal process in UAW. However, people are allowed to foster a child. The foster child is treated the same as a biological child but does not get the family name. Our divorce lawyers in dubai will guide you about the legal process of fostering a child.

    Domestic Abuse

     If you are a victim of domestic abuse then contact us and we will connect you to best family lawyers in your region. They will guide you about the possible solution and legal course of action which you can follow. Our associates take over such cases with high morals whether the abused person is a male, female, or a child.

    Child Support

     Children are the ones who suffer the most in divorce cases, mentally and financially. Our associate divorce lawyers in dubai will guide you on how to protect the financial rights of your child. They will advise you about all the legal matters you should consider determining the appropriate level of support you and your child needs.

    Surrogate motherhood

    According to Federal Law no. 3 of 1987 and Article 356 of the UAE’s Penal Code, surrogacy is a criminal offense. In the UAE, financial transactions for surrogacy are strictly prohibited. However, if you are an expatriate and have initiated the surrogacy process in your country then our divorce lawyers in dubai will assist you in completing the legal process.

    Divorce / Separation

    When there is a financial, health, social, or any other issues in a marriage, most couples think of divorce. It is the termination of marriage and union of the couple. Hire our associate divorce lawyers in Dubai as they professionally manage the divorce-related matters. They try amicable settlements first and if failed, assist the couples in filing and getting divorce as per the legislation.

    Family Lawyers in UAE

    Our chosen team of Divorce lawyers in dubai will help you in the legal procedures of resolving family matters. They advise people on the legal procedures associated with their matters and support them in court proceedings. Ur associate lawyers are licensed and multilingual which removes the language barrier and helps them communicate with clients in their native language.

    Our chosen legal attorneys ensure that the Federal, civil, and sharia law is followed in case resolution. They look for possible ways of amicable settlement between both parties failing of which leads them to go to court. Both parties are called to cooperate and collaborate on the matter to make an agreement. The out-of-court legal procedures are economical and resolved in a timely manner as compared to lengthy court proceedings

    For carrying out divorce procedures in UAE, our listed family lawyers are always there to lend a hand. They follow the legislation of UAE and guide clients about the legal aspects of their matter. Females face stressful situations while narrating the matter to legal attorneys. Therefore, we have registered female family lawyers to assist our female clients. We have chosen family lawyers in Dubai, Ras Al-Khaimah, Abu Dhabi, and other parts of UAE to provide legal consultancy and represent you whenever you are in need of a lawyer.

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