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Our construction consultants in the UAE and legal advisors are among the leading buildings and infrastructure representatives in Dubai and throughout the UAE. Our services are not only to the Emirate of Dubai but to the rest of the country, as we have construction lawyers in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm A Quwain, and Al Ain.

We have been involved in all aspects of the Construction sector including but not limited to infrastructure projects such as roads, railways, and metro as well as the emphasis on Real Estate and hotels, development on low and natural islands, large residential, commercial and mixed-use.
We offer a wide range of consulting services that will add great value to your construction business or projects. Depending on the requirements of your contract, our experts will provide you with solutions based on decades of industry experience. These solutions will ensure the right foot and your plans. Basically, when it comes to risk, our experienced construction consultants will guarantee the success of any construction project by minimizing the risks.

We have advised clients to negotiate and build tenders for all types of construction contracts and construction contracts, including but not limited to effective contract management and litigation management, spatial planning and zoning regulations, and the ongoing compliance of major contractual projects. and governing regulations. Our expertise in this field gives us the edge to advise on any construction-related questions you need answers to. A team of experts from our company can guide you through the process, ensuring that our advice and directions are clear to you.

We regularly advise on construction risks and insurance coverage issues for project owners and contractors for a variety of project developments including commercial, recreational, commercial, residential, and mixed-use development. We are developing documents such as bonds, guarantees, mortgage guarantees, and insurance documents and advice on the latest developments in line with the construction industry and local laws in the UAE today.

As one of the Building Law Firms in Dubai, our Construction consultants in UAE can oversee and assist with construction, engineering, building, and other related fields in all of their legal and operational matters. Our law firm has worked with and represented clients in engineering firms, developers, investors, designers, architects, engineers, and providers on a variety of legal issues such as planning and negotiating agreements, planning, budgeting, compliance management guidelines, claims, termination, guarantees, the security of tender, delays and employee problems through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. Our lawyers read carefully and analyze cases to ensure good governance and resolution as best we can.

It is very common for disputes to arise under any construction contract: technical disputes relating to incomplete works; disputes over payment certificates, disputes over the allocation of credit, and the discovery of errors between various contractors working simultaneously often require expert proof; provided by our dedicated team of Construction Advocates. Our main concern is to resolve our Client claim or dispute, quickly and costly. We focus on the commercial goals of our clients. Our role is to help our Clients manage conflict risk, avoid conflicts that will disrupt business, and resolve them as soon as possible. We encourage our clients to follow a multilateral arbitration process if the contract is in place and there is a good chance of a settlement.

Our Legal Company is proud of our expertise and extensive experience in handling various types of litigation cases and aims to provide a unique legal service suitable for clients.

If you are looking for a law firm in Dubai to take care of your case, feel free to contact us.


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