Business set up in Sharjah will be the best option for startups. Sharjah is being revised as the home of many different business groups as it meets the needs of companies throughout the UAE. Sharjah has a wide range of industries that create advanced industries. Because of its wide range of collections and the variety of opportunities it produces, it is widely known throughout the United Arab Emirates. It is known not only for its culture and industries but also for its conservatism. There are many opportunities to build companies in Sharjah for investors and business owners. In addition, many business owners are already planning to open their own branch offices in Sharjah.

Business Setup in Sharjah and Ajman has invited many foreign investors from around the world to set up a company in various industries. Sharjah offers its investors all the benefits of a highly developed economy.

Benefits are:

  • Free enterprise system.
  • Highly developed transport infrastructure.
  • State-of-the-art telecommunications
  • Sophisticated financial and services sector.
  • Top international exhibition and conference venue.
  • High-quality office and residential accommodation
  • Reliable power, utilities, etc.
  • First-class hotels, hospitals, schools, shops, etc.
  • Cosmopolitan lifestyle

Sharjah is considered the fastest growing and developing region of the United Arab Emirates behind Dubai. It is one of the most populous emirates in the UAE. Sharjah is also considered the third largest emirate in the United Arab Emirates. It is located in the Arabian Gulf and is more conservative than Dubai. Sharjah is connected worldwide with international airports and ports, making it an ideal place to start a business.

Business set up in Sharjah is the safest and most advanced Emirate. Business operations designed to account for more than 45% of the total Global Product (G.D.P.). As the only city with access to the ports on the east and west coasts of the Arabian Gulf and continuously with the Indian Ocean and a quick connection to North Africa, the Emirate offers excellent opportunities for foreign investors. Investors have the opportunity to open a variety of businesses where LL.C., Joint-stock companies, branch offices, and subsidiaries.

If you are a business owner right now thinking about what decision to make, then Sharjah will be your best decision so far. There are so many business opportunities in Sharjah. Before you start setting up your business, you will need to meet a few important requirements in terms of Sharjah law, in the UAE. First you will need to have at least two shareholders or partners. The maximum limit for having business partners in a company is 50 people. Another requirement according to Sharjah law, UAE is that you will need to have a local sponsor as your business partner. The local sponsor must be a local Arab living in Sharjah. You will have a 51% stake in the business as stipulated in UAE law. This law applies to the entire UAE and is therefore required.


• Verification of trade name reservation
• Verification for initial approval for the activities
• Passport copies of the shareholders
• Passport copy of the manager
• Personal information of shareholders
• Personal information of the manager
• Lease agreement documents with complete details
• Attested Power of Attorney of the legal representative
• Pre-approval of third parties on some activities

We will assist you with all important documents that will also be required for company construction. Although this process is very simple and straightforward, additional documentation may be required from the authorities at any time.

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